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FNG here, need some advice/help.

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Hey fellas (and gals),

My name is Michael and I live in Orlando. I'm new to antique cars and need some advice.

Rather than gum up your forum with repeat topics I figured I try to ask my question here first.

I recently picked up a cream puff 1954 Plymouth Savoy. Gone through and overhauled the brakes with new cylinders and replaced small things like cap and rotor, coil and put an electronic fuel pump. The car has 33k miles (documented) and runs fantastic....that is when I get the fuel right. The carb/throttle linkage is pretty jimmy rigged. I've looked but understandibly cant seem to locate replacenment parts for the brakets and linkage.

The way I see it, there are enough old cars on the road someone must know how to fabricate this stuff or some other way around it.

Thanks for having me here guys!
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Welcome. I'd ask in both General Tech Support and Help and in the subforum for the fifties-era cars.
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