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"the car has 92000 original miles. the interior is worn. the transmission has problems. there is a dent in the passenger side rear fender. the paint is worn. there is a dent on the driver side rear door. very little body rust. the car has good bones it's a strong car. the motor runs well. pictures below and video on youtube.Cash, Money Order, Paypal, or Major Credit Card (with id)"

I bought the car three years ago and I put little into it other than the head unit and the front suspension. the car has treated me well. if I had space and time to repair the trans myself I would swap out the trans and keep the car for myself, because it has been a reliable everyday driver. for me to have the trans replaced it would cost me $1800 and I found a car from a friend for $2000. it will be too expensive to keep it on my insurance and store it till I have the money to do the repairs myself so, unfortunately, I am going to sell it plus it will help me pay for my new car. if your serious about getting this car I will meet up with you to take a look at it. the head unit sub and speakers are negotiable but they will be coming out unless negotiated into the price. this car is not safely drivable right now. it will need to be towed I will not deliver the car. this is an as-is purchase. once the title is transferred the deal is done. Tax Tags and transfer is at the cost of the buyer. Video Of Car Running

eBay: Plymouth: Gran Fury Salon Sedan 4-Door
Craigs list: 1987 Plymouth Gran Fury With 92k Original Miles
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