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Howdy all,
I've decided to let got of my old Daytona. My dad (previous owner) keyed me on this site, so I figured I'd give it a shot. As much as I'd love to see it remade, I don't have the time or resources to keep it. Edmunds puts this vehicle between $200 and $600, but I'm taking any offers. I hope I can find a happy home for it here.

I received this car as a graduation present in 2011/ 2012. It was my daily driver from San Diego to Riverside between 2012 and 2015, when engine overheating issues prompted me to buy a new car. Since, it has been driver on occasion around town. I try to run it for at least an hour each week so the engine doesn't crap out. Since our purchase, this car has:
- had it's engine rebuilt/ replaced (before 2015)
- had it's transmission replaced twice (before 2015)
- had the headlamp motors and nylon gears replaced (2013)
- had the thermostat/ radiator/ coolant fan motor replaced (before 2015, motor replaced 2020)

Technical Info:
Model: 1991 Daytona ES
Engine: 3.0 V6 (replaced 2014)
Transmission: 5spd automatic (replaced 2014)
Odometer: 127741 miles
- Power windows
- Power seats
- Power mirrors
- AM/ FM cassette deck
- Smog certified in California Feb '21
- Clear interior
- No cracking on the dash
Known Issues:
- The tachometer is futzy. When operating the headlamps, the tach will jump from idle (sub 1k RPM) to 5k+ RPM while idling.
- There is an electrical issue that causes the battery to drain when left connected.
- The rubber window flaps have been broken off. They had hardened, cracked, and greatly restrained window operation.
- The passenger's side of the plastic nose cover has a large chip missing from it. I bumped a parked car in a tight parking lot in '12/ '13. No insurance action taken.
- The driver's side door requires and upward lift/ jerk (in addition to pulling of the handle) to open.
- General paint wear.

Here are a few pics and videos I took of it a few months ago (Oct '20). I flip-flopped on wanting to let it go, but ended up letting it sit a while. All pics and info are current enough (Only major change is having put 30 more miles on it and replacing the negative battery cable).
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Uploaded vids to youtube. They show functionality of interior electronics.
Headlamp operation:

Passenger's side window operation:

Driver's side window operation:

Door lock operation:

Am/FM radio operation:

Mirror operation: 1991 Dodge Daytona Electronic Mirror Operation

Closing and Contact:
Looking to sell a '91 Daytona located in California.
Please contact Jesse at [email protected] with any questions.
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