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By themselves as they sit, neither one is drivable, but after a quick transmission swap you'll have a good running car and an excellent donor parts car.

First car is a 1991 Dode Daytona ES, 119488 miles, 3.0 V6, This car was my daily driver until transmission went out. I had changed battery, plugs, wires, distributor, serpentine belt, brakes, tires, radiator, wipers, timing belt, fuel pump & water pump. The interior is in decent shape.

Second car is a 1990 Dodge Daytona ES 103639 miles, 3.0 V6, I purchased this car for parts, it has a transmission that only has 17,155 miles on it (have receipt from when transmission was replaced). This car has been parked for a number of years and would require more love and attention to get back onto the road than the other car.

I have clean titles in hand. Perfect for a project! Call/text 704-579-0535 with any questions.
I'm selling these cars as a pair, but if you insist on just buying one, it's $2500.00 for one or $2500.00 for two your choice.
mayb a long shot but ya still got them
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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