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The radio is the original Infinity I unit from my old LeBaron convertible (with a power antenna). It was working well when I took it out a few years ago. I was a heavy radio listener in my college days, so the black finish on/around the volume and the channel buttons is gone. I loved that style of volume control and wish my Sebring had it... :/

The Haynes manual was purchased last year and is in great shape because I've barely used it (the first one I had got soaked in oil).

Models covered:
J body - Lebaron Coupe/Convertible
H body - LeBaron GTS and Lancer
E body - E-Class, 400/600, Caravelle

Engines covered:
2.2/2.5 (carbed, TBI, and turbo variants), 2.6, 3.0
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