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Ford Exploder update

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First, some sales figures:

"So far this year, Explorer sales have risen by 6.3 percent to 174,247 units. Taurus sales have fallen by 2.6 percent to 26,280 units through the first nine months of the year, and dropped by 6.6 percent to 2,356 units in September.

Police Interceptor Sedan sales cratered by 24.2 percent last month, while sales of the more popular Police Interceptor Utility SUV dipped by 6.9 percent. Police Interceptor Utility sales are up 1.1 percent so far this year, while Police Interceptor Sedan sales trail 2016's pace by 14.6 percent."

Next, the carbon monoxide issue continues to gnaw at Ford, probably because they continue to deny the problem exists. Ford Fleet continues blaming upfitter, which cannot be good for positive feedback. So far, there have been no reports of an agency using the Exploder suing an upfitter for failing to properly seal the vehicles.

Now, the Center For Auto Safety has gone after Ford to recall ALL Exploders for the problem. Ford, of horse, has refused, instead, asking customers by letter to return their cars to their dealership for repairs (kinda sounds like a voluntary recall, nudge nudge, wink wink). The NHTSA is investigating, as there have been over 2500 reports, including nearly 50 accidents, including injuries.

Ford urged to recall 1.3 million Explorers amid carbon monoxide poisoning concerns (at )