I have a set of PT Cruiser Limited OE seat covers for the 2006-10 models. Back in summer 2007, one of my neighbors bought a new PT Limited and almost immediately had an aftermarket leather interior installed. Since we had a 2006, he gave me his OE covers "in case we needed them someday."

That day never came, and as we're prepping to relocate I discovered the long ago forgotten about covers buried in our storage locker. No longer have a PT, so before I drop them at Goodwill I'm offering them only for the price of shipping, hoping someone here can use them.

These are the Limited covers (with the Yes Essentials fabric), but I guess they'll probably fit base models as well. Here's a file photo of the exact covers:

Vehicle Car Gear shift Motor vehicle Automotive design

If anyone's interested, I'll be glad to take/upload actual photos for your consideration. This is the full set: front, rear, and the vinyl headrest covers.

Not gonna kid you on shipping, as the covers are kind of bulky. I would imagine slow-boat shipping would probably be in the neighborhood of $25-$30, but that's not bad for a set of virtually new covers. I will only charge the exact shipping amount from the USPS or UPS. Not trying to make money here; just don't want to dump them at Goodwill if someone needs them.