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Freon 00 Ram Maxiwagon w/rear A/C

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Basic small autozone freon with leak dye. The can says no more than 2 per vehicle. However, I'm wondering on a vehicle this big, and with rear a/c, how many approximately can I safely use?

I got about 1.5 cans in, About 1/2 can lost from can blowoff each time a/c compressor kicked off before I temp shorted the clutch switch wiring to finish. Semi-cold, but a/c clutch still keeps kicking off, so I know its still low.

I just replaced every a/c o-ring and gasket in the whole system. I spread out an 8oz bottle of PAG oil throughout the lines when I did the seals. I understand I'll have to have it vacuumed down and machine filled to be right, I just want to be able to test it for leaks & operation for a bit before let a shop fill it... I'd rather make all repairs needed beforehand.
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Does your Autozone rent tools? You can 'sniff' for leaks with a halide refrigerant gas (R-134a) detector without having to fill the system up fully.
A gauge set will also check high and low side pressures in case anything else is wrong.
Depending on concentrations, having air in the system can make the high side read too high and possibly damage the compressor. Don't be looking for good A/C cooling with air in the system either. Don't forget refrigerant oil (PAG) if you havent added any yet.
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