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Friend bought a '13 300...

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...and I have to say, that's a really nice car...

He didn't go crazy looking for one with options, he bought one off-the-lot. Metallic Charcoal exterior, 3.6L, 8 speed transmission, leather interior, heated seats. He said it has plenty of power and he's getting well over 400 miles on a tank of gas.

The only thing that he kind of wishes he had was a backup camera, but he'd owned an '05 300 before so he's used to the size.

I'm trying to figure out what one could conceivably really need or want in a car beyond how his is optioned. Sure, bigger drivetrain is fun, but on the inside I don't really see what could be added that would make for an improvement beyond cooled seats, which very few car companies offer...
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I saw a new 300 today on the highway, and it was bright red with a completely white roof and pillars. I have to believe that's a custom paint job.
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