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front caliper hose replacement grancaravan 96

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front caliper hose replacement is the next step, did the caliper and still have intermittent cling on driver side front.
Is this a straight forward swap out does anyone know what to look for whether it has a trick or two involved?
I found the hose online and also wonder if there are any parts left out doing this beyond fluid of course and the two washes shipped with.
Thanks in advance,
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I had a similar thing I think it was on our '92 - or maybe on the '96 - what I found in the end was there is a support bracket for the flex line. It had rusted and severly in the inside surface - enough that it would pinch off the inside of the flex line and act like a one-way valve as imperial described. I replaced one and since them I just make a habit to loosen the clamp on that bracket a bit. Replacing the line - the only trick I have found is if the lines are rusty you will often twist and break the line if you try to just unscrew the line fitting. What I have done successfully a couple times is disconnect the mounting on the flex line first and gently get it into a position where you can turn the flex line rather than turning the rigid line fitting - or even cut the flex line so you can turn th eflex line end fitting instead of th erigid line fitting. If you hold the rigid line fitting in place you will not damage it in removal. Once othe flex line is off you can heat the line fitting to free it up before assembling the new flex line. Again this is only necessary if the rigid line fitting is rusted in place and wants to turn the rigid line with it - find that is often the case. Saves having to reflare and possibly replace the rigid fitting.
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