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front control arm bushing

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Hello everybody.
was in process of replacing left control arm bushing when i hit a wall.
the rear bushing that bolts up through frame has a captive nut.
it spun inside the frame (siezed due to corrosion)
so after much head scratching and figuring i decided to start pulling the
carpet and insulation figuring i could get at it somehow.

theres a dimple in the floor,marking the centre of a hole that should be there.

out with hole saw (2-1/4") and went to it.(figured i had nothing to lose at this point)

once hole was drilled i was able to see the nut spun in the cage.
poked my mig gun in and welded nut to frame,while it was still hot i spun the bolt out.

so a plug the right size could be used if avaialble,but i just tacked the
metal back in and used sealant to close it off.

anybody living in the salt belt may come across this issue,hope it saves someone the grief i first experienced.

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I agree that you don't want to spin a nut that you can't get to. Cutting holes in frame walls or multi-layer floor sheetmetal is never good. It compromises crash safety, gives rust a new place to start and will horrify the customer.
The blue threadlock on the bolt can be softened with mild heat (not nearly enough to endanger the carpet) to hopefully make removal possible. I lube the bolt well before reinstalling it as these vehicles seem to need new bushings every few years.
We see some real rust here on cars more than a few years old here as well.
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