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Front door glass replacement on 1991-95 Chrysler minivans

by Pete Jackson • Also see our main minivan repairs page!

My wife locked her keys in the van (keys were on the seat, not the ignition, so the override didn't function), with the kids in as well. In attempting to reach the lock switch, she broke the window. One problem solved, one created....


See this guide to fixing the window regulators (that raise and lower the windows) on first and second generation vans

Here is how to replace the glass:

1) Remove the small cover plate on the door pull (small rectangle in the top of the handle), then remove the other small plate in the lower pull handle.

2) Remove the two small round cover plates in map pocket.

3) pry (carefully) out the window/mirror switch, unplug the switch and set aside.

4) Remove the small screw from behind the door latch handle and remove the door lock switch

5) Unplug the switch and set it aside.

5) Remove the short screw from the upper pull handle and the long screw from the lower pull handle.

7) Remove the two short screws from the map pocket.

8) Gently, yet firmly, pull the door panel from the door itself. Some popping will result as the spring pins relinquish their hold on the door.

9) Pull up on the panel to release it from the upper door lip.

10) Now that the panel is free, unplug the courtesy light.

11) Carefully remove the weather sheet. Making sure the window would be in the up position, unbolt the two plastic buttons from the regulator assembly using the access holes.

12) Clean up ALL glass shards and thoroughly clean the glass channel, including the channel inside the door.

13) Slide new glass into place after reusing the plastic glass mount buttons. These are reverse threaded, so lefty tighty, righty loosey....

14) Reusing the regulator bolts, secure the glass to the regulator. Tighten these firmly.

15) Plug in the window switch and give it a test run, re-align the glass using the adjustment room given by the regulator (just loosen the glass mount bolts, then retighten when satisfied).

16) Unplug the window switch and re-install the door panel, first by seating the panel at the top rail, then firmly pushing the wire clips back in (don't forget the courtesy light).

17) Re-install the window switch, door lock switch (don't forget the screw), install and tighten the upper and lower door pull screws, install and tighten the map pocket screws, and replace the covers. Test the window/mirror, and the door lock switches for proper operation.

18) Enjoy a job well done!!

In all it took me two hours to get the job done in the pouring rain under a tarp. Then I spent the next two hours detailing the van.......

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