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Front Window Travel?

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So both Fron side windows do not go all the way down on my 200, about half an Inch sticks up. Is this normal? If so that will make putting my arm out the window a bit unconfortable..
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If you have the Express-down window feature, have you tried a battery disconnect and re-training them per the owners manual?
It may not be that feature if you can't even manually lower the glass the rest of the way with the button. It seems odd that the glass won't fully lower and maybe another early JS Convertible for comparison could answer this question better.
There are mechanical downstops and upstops inside the door that are adjustable. It would be strange that they are out of adjustment unless the doors were apart in the past and why both front doors? I'll look into this more if I can.
Thanks! I have tried disconnecting the battery and resetting the express up/down still they stop in the about half inch short.
IC - this is on his new 200, not his JS convertible...
My wife has a 2012 Chrysler 200 Limited sedan. The glass goes all the way down flush on the front doors.
"IC - this is on his new 200, not his JS convertible..."

Sorry I had Convertible on my mind. It must be that this winter weather is getting to me.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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