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Fuel running down exhaust, to muffler

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2004 neon, sparkplug spit right out the top..... messed up treads, are the least of my worries..... went to start it and a fire broke out under the hood, then noticed fuel in #1 spark plug, and gas smell.... looked around and noticed gas pouring out my muffler..... HELP what could this be? and no we haven't started the car due to it pouring gas out the back, but prior to all this the cam sensor needed changed, and it idled very rough
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Welcome to Allpar. You will want to tap or heli-coil the #1 plug hole to securely install the plug. It will be no good running on 3 cylinders.
A fuel injector would have to be stuck wide open for several minutes of key-on, not-running to fill an exhaust system up. I can't even see how that could happen unless the fuel pump relay was jumpered on with a failed injector.
I would not even attempt to crank or start the engine as the explosive/fire hazards of the fuel-loaded exhaust system could do a lot of damage and injury. Are you sure that it was gas pouring out? How did this happen?
You may want to remove the entire exhaust system and flush it out with lots of soapy water followed by a rinse and a thorough drying or just replace it.
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