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Fuse clip replacement

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I have a 1964 Dodge Custom 880 qnd it is missing one of the two clips that holds the brake light fuse in place. I did an aluminum foil "repair" that worked for a little while, but I think I need to do the repair right. It is a PITA to get to the fuse block. To me it looks like a new clip could be pushed into place but I on't know for sure. Does anyone know where to find a replacement clip and/or lend any insight into what needs to be done for a suitable repair.

Many thanks
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You can pull a fuse from any other fuse block that has those types of clips and replace it. They squeeze on the fuse side and push out if not mistaken. You should also have a screw of bolt to be able to remove the whole block in order to do this much easier. I have a soft spot for the Custom 880, pretty much the car that got me moved to Mopars in the first place.
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