The Ram Rebel TRX made a huge splash when it hit the ’Net, and for good reason: it was a serious high-speed off-road truck, taking lessons from the Power Wagon, Jeeps, and racing pickups, and packing the Hellcat’s supercharged power up front. The 4x4 system may have been a pilot for the Hellcat-powered  Grand Cherokee Trackhawk .


The question then becomes, will Ram actually produce it? You may not like the answer: as you see it, probably not.

Ram is quite busy engineering the next-generation Ram 1500, coded DT, and it’s pulling out the stops to top Ford’s future product while making the 2019-model-year deadline. The Ram 2500 and 3500 will come along just a year later, if they hold to schedule and tradition. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for people to work on a niche truck that would only live for a year or two.

What about 2020? It’s likely too soon after the 2019 launch for the company to actually make the TRX; but chances are, 2020 is when the executives will get together and ask each other, “Can we do it? Should we do it?”


One can ask why they aren’t doing that already, but markets change quickly, and any number of factors could sabotage decisions made today, from plant issues to product popularity to changes (or lack of changes) in emissions or gas-mileage rules. The decision will most likely be made in 2019 or 2020 — and until then, the TRX will remain a concept, albeit one that Ram could make, and a showcase for the capabilities of their unique multi-link rear suspensions .