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For those who dont wish to support ttac with a page view the primary points are
  • Dodge will keep the caravan
  • The town and country will become closer to the r class (recently discontinued due to poor sales) and less pacifica
  • they will have both 4 and 6 cyl engines and be available with awd
  • Each brand will have around 5 models
  • the next gen will be about the size of the audi a4 110 in wheelbase, 185 in long, 56 in high, 72 in wide
  • 200 will be available as a sedan coupe and convertible
  • the 100 will arrive in 2016 (although doubt on the timing is expressed).
  • liberkee will debut at the Detroit autoshow
  • alfa will have a version of the jeep subcompact
  • Durango and Avenger will be discontinued
  • in place the Grand Wagoneer is confirmed
  • 500 lineup will expand with a 500 zagato 500l 500xl (7 seat version) and 500x (related to jeep subcompact)
  • Dodge muscle cars will continue to evolve

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WOW uh its real dissapointing about the Durango.. The rest i could see.. I just don't think they pushed the Durango like they should have.. Such an awsome SUV and multi purpose. I hope they make an SRT version as a going away edition lol. I guess its kinda like the Magnum AWSOME idea and very attractive but buisness case in their eyes it just didn't work.. Sad

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if we follow up on the theory of each brand having around 5 models the lineup comes out to look a bit like this for calender year 2015. These are guesses so feel free to provide feedback
  1. Jeepster (B cuv susw)*
  2. Compatriot (C cuv cusw)
  3. Liberkee ( D cuv cusw+)
  4. Grand Cherokee (D/E suv/cuv wk2)
  5. Grand Wagoneer (E suv/cuv wk2)
  6. Wrangler lineup (C/D suv ngp)
  1. Dart (C sed cusw)
  2. Avenger/Cuda? ???
  3. Grand Caravan (E mpv eusw)
  4. Journey? (D cuv/mpv dusw+)
  5. Challenger? (E coupe lx)
  6. Charger (E Sed lx2)
  1. 100 (C Hatch cusw)e
  2. 200 (C/D Sed coupe cusw)
  3. 300 (E Sed lx2)
  4. T&C (E seg mpv/cuv eusw)
  1. Name? (B cuv susw)*e
  2. Mito (B 4dr Hatch susw switchover?)*e
  3. Giulietta (C hatch sed/wag? Cusw)
  4. Guilia (D sed/wag cusw+? rwd arch?)
  5. Spider (B seg conv Mx-5)
  6. 4c (B seg coupe dallara)
  7. Kamal (C/D? cuv cusw/cusw+? or both)
  1. 500 (A hatch musw)
  2. 500/l/xl (B/B+ mpv susw)
  3. 500x (B cuv susw)
  4. Panda (A hatch musw)*e
  5. Uno (A hatch mini)*d
  6. Palio (A/B hatch musw)*d
  7. Grand Siena (A/B sed musw)*d
  8. Linea (B/C sed susw)*d
  9. Punto (B hatch susw)*e
  10. Bravo (C hatch?/cuv? cusw)*e
  11. Qubo (B mpv small)*e
  12. Doblo (C mpv compact?)*e
  1. Quatroporte (E+ sed eusw)
  2. Cinqueposti (D/E sed eusw)
  3. Granturismo (D/E coupe eusw)
  4. Kubang (D/E suv/cuv wk2)
  5. Gransport ( midengine coupe)
it seems like fiat and alfa will buck the 5 model rule. more to come...
* likely not available in U.S
e EuroCentric
d Developing Country Centric
Bold = recently added

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Durango dropped in favor of Grand Wagoneer was known and only disputed by the stubborn. Jeep is the SUV brand, folks!

Journey SRT is highly doubtful. A smarter and more likely option will be an SRT Liberkee[sup]TM[/sup]

Lastly, it is good to know that at least one of the next-generation Wrangler models will be Trail Rated! :erikpot:

PS: Since the "source" is Marchionne -- expect much of this to change. After all, he started the whole buzz on dropping the Dodge minivan himself!

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Im guessing that Minivan concept is what the T&C is going to look like. It makes sense that Dodge keeps the Caravan. The name has history. The T&C was a wagon before it was a van. Dart covers compact/midsize so an Avenger really isn't needed.

No Camry/Accord/Altima/Fusion/Malibu/Sonata/Optima/Passat competitor? A4-sized 200 sounds too small. Dart definitely too small. Charger has awkward rear ingress/egress and no 4 cyl.

Chrysler brand gets the Dart.
Jeep replaces the Durango.
continue to watch the phase out of the Dodge brand.
If the plan to take Chrysler more upscale fails that would make sense. The minivan carries the Chrysler brand now. Take that away in favor of a better Pacifica is risky but probably the right move.

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No real surprises here.

Sad to see the Durango go though.

Assuming that the "avenger" name will go away, but something might still be there? Cuda?

The T&C -> Pacifica/R-Class vehicle and Grand Caravan -> Minivan is a good choice IMO.

200 Coupe/Convertible/Sedan - Like the old Sebring coupe/convertible/sedan

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Dodge isn't going anywhere, people seriously need to shutup about that. They would get rid of Chrysler before Dodge. But, Chrysler isn't going anywhere either. Dodge just got the Dart, is keeping the Grand Caravan, muscle cars will continue to evolve. Where at do you see a sign saying Dodge is leaving? Seriously, its getting old...
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