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Future PT owner

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I am currently shopping for a GT. I have found an '03 and an '05. Any thing that I should keep in mind when considering which one to buy? I would like to have the '05 due to the higher hp and improvements made in the engine, but it's about 150 miles away from me and I'm going mostly on what the guy is telling me on the phone. I've driven the '03 and it's a nice car(new clutch) but doesn't have the leather that I'm looking for. Thanks for any input and I'm glad to have found this website. Larry
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Welcome to Allpar. I would at least look at the '05 if you can. The newer PT would be slightly more refined than the '03 and being 2 years younger, may be in better shape.
As with any used car, look it over carefully and having documented maintenance history is a plus. If you will be doing your own work, a factory service manual is best.

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That's what I'm hoping for. They are both 5 speeds but the '05 has had some performance mods made to it. They guy selling it says there is a check engine light on right now due to this. I have printed out the codes from this site and am going to use them to try and determine why the light is on before I buy it. We don't have emissions testing where I live and hopefully it won't be anything serious.
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