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Gene Yetter (writer/photographer)


Gene Yetter lives in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He grew up on Long Island and fondly remembers the family cars: a black 1958 Dodge 4-door hardtop, a black and yellow 1954 Ford Victoria, a white 1959 Ford convertible that he took away to college for a year.

Gene served a tour of duty in the U.S. Navy in the Sixties as an enlisted journalist. After discharge, he drove around Florida, where his parents had moved, for a year, in a Triumph TR-4A, working for a start-up Gannett newspaper and attending college classes. He returned North to get an undergraduate degree in English at New York University.

Following graduation, he worked in New York City for several business and newsstand publications, for a division of New York Legal Aid, and for a large law firm. By the time of the law firm experience he was working in computer support and network management. Along the way Gene picked up the hobby of amateur mycology: the study of fungi, i.e. mushrooms. In the year 2000, he began volunteering at the New York Botanical Garden in the herbarium, imaging and databasing fungal specimens. He is presently a part-time employee at the Garden.

Other vehicles Gene has owned include a Fiat 1500 (circa 1961), a Triumph 500 c.c. motorcycle, a 1996 Chrysler Cirrus, and a 2006 Volkswagen Passat. He also still possesses the last car his father owned before he died, a two-door 1977 Plymouth Volaré Premier with landau top. It has 45k miles on the odometer. That car, Gene reports, is running great and looking great after some rust repair and new paint (Carmel tan, U3). It stays at his parents' old place in Florida, which Gene visits several times a year. The Plymouth is only driven to activities of the Mopars of Brevard (Brevard County) car club or on joy rides along U.S. A1A, the Florida East Coast beach highway.

Gene is also a member of the Slant-6 Club of New York/New Jersey, where he first met Dave Zatz and became engaged in writing and taking pictures for

Gene Yetter was responsible for many photos, and for these complete pages or sections:

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