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Hi everybody. My name is Julio and I'm fairly new to the forum. Hung around once about a year ago. Anyways. I have an 87 B-150 van. It is in great shape, mostly. 150,000 miles on a 318. I'm getting itchy to do something with it. I just can't leave well enough alone. It actually runs pretty good, has a tick which I think is a stuck lifter. The transmission leaks, I can fix that. Needs the front end rebuilt.

Here's the question. Is there a book or good resource to learn about the Mopar options. I hear you guys talking about swapping transmissions per number, a 727 to a 518, so on and so forth. Reasons why a 360 is better to build than a 318, on and on and on. I'm totally in the dark, but would like to learn. At least get a good general idea.

I really like my van and would really like to do some cool stuff with it. So I think, WOW!! What if it had a 440 six-pack in it. That would be awesome. But I don't know.. Maybe that's dumb. Or more work than it's worth. Or maybe that would rip the rearend out of it. I just have no idea of where to start or what viable options there are. Or what makes the difference between this and that. What are the good resources to start to get an idea? I know anything is possible, but like most I've got limited resources. So I want to try to figure out what makes the most sense.

Allright, That's enough out of me. Thanks and take it easy. Julio
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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