Hello everybody,

I've had my collection of 5 vehicles for a long time,
4 here in Switerland, near Lake Constance.
It is no longer feasible to keep my cars running;
I've never fully finished them, 80% done, but no more energy
for the rest. Also, welding work needs to be done by professionals
around here, although it is not by law, but they just won't let you
get your vehicle safety tested, if you do weld yourself, if you're
not a state educated vehicle body professional.

I'm not willing to spend thousands more on what is basically a bunch of old cars.

I've entered the value of 1 USD, but depending on what you're interested in,
we'll talk pricing accordingly.

I'm stripping them for valuable parts. Is anyone in here interested in something
specific, maybe even rare? These are European export vehicles, partly modified
to what was sold to the U.S. and Canada.
Also, I have a bunch of everything, from rear wiper seals (not available for 20+ years)
that I searched 3 years for, and they fit perfectly, I have original Mopar parts,
and I have a lot of RockAuto parts, and like the fittings, I have parts from other
companies, some like the tailgate gas struts that come directly from an industrial
company that made them to measure.

Send me a PM any time.

All the best;