Is Dodge heading for a new design direction—something eschewing today’s endless recycling of the same oddly shaped, oversized grilles (a trend which Gilles himself has not overindulged in)? It looks like FCA US design chief Ralph Gilles and Lucid Air are both going in the same direction—sleeker and simpler, without uselessly oversized grilles.

Lucid Air and Ralph Gilles

The orange rendering (above left)  is a Dodge experimental design posted by Ralph Gilles recently; the darker car is a Lucid Air concept/prototype. There are some similarities and some differences. The Dodge has a fairly large grille between the bumper and air dam; it’s not emphasized, stylistically, but it’s there in case one needs to feed a big V8. The Lucid doesn’t need one. Both rely on LED lamps to avoid the big lights of prior generations. The Dodge has cables holding down the hood in retro fashion, but this and the massively overextended doors would likely be cut from any production car.

Don’t expect the orange car to appear next year as the Dodge Charger; it’s an experimental design, released in Ralph Gilles’ Instagram post, below, sent to us by the famed photographer and technician  Marc Rozman .