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I spent a few hours today viewing classic AMC's at a show sponsored by the Great Lakes Classic AMC Club;

Starting with the designers, who still get together and render how current day AMC's might look.

and photo board's

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Wow ...

All AMC!

I'm stoked!

Maybe ChryFi would reconsider the PT Cruiser but this time patterned off that '42 Willys. I had a Slot Car with a Willys Coupe body. Very Cool.

Loved both the Retro-Modern AMX as well as the Metropolitan in clay, too. All of these cars are favorites. The 1964 Rambler American rarely gets much love, but I thought they were very attractively styled.

The blue J-Truck is lovely, too. We all think of Jeep as being a 7-slot grill; but those J-Trucks were 12-slots. I owe you a debt of thanks for posting these shots - Thank you :)

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Very nice, thanks for sharing some wonderful cars with the rest of us. Enjoy every one of them, even the Pacer!
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