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The international swing continues for the Chrysler Group, coming from Barcelona Spain to LeMans France, & now heading to Munich Germany for the 2013 European Summer X-Games!

Last time out the GRC race in Barcelona Spain, was rained out & deemed too dangerous to race.

Because of that, GRC offficials had a decision to make, cancel the race totally or have a makeup race at the next venue? Well Dodge Dart race fans, GRC announced back on June 11th that there will be TWO races held on the same weekend to makeup for the race that was rained out in Spain!

Here is the official Race Schedule:


A second medal race has been added to the X Games Munich competition schedule on June 29th. The race will serve as Round 2 of the Global Rallycross (GRC) season, replacing last month’s rain cancelled by Text-Enhance">event in Barcelona.

Round 3 will be contested on the same circuit on June 30th and each event will feature its own practice and qualifying sessions. Both events will count for full points in the GRC standings and X Games will award medals for both rounds.

The weekend schedule will be as follows:

SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 2013 (Makeup Race)
  • 2:00 – 3:00 Practice & Seeding
  • 3:00 – 3:30 Track prep
  • 3:30 – 5:00 Heats, LCQ, Finals
SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 2013
  • 2:20 – 3:00 Practice
  • 3:00 – 3:15 Track prep
  • 3:15 – 4:00 Seeding
  • 4:00 – 5:00 Track prep
  • 5:00 – 7:00 Heats, LCQ, Finals
Please tune in to ESPN and for full coverage and broadcast times.

In addition to this event there is a schedule conflict for our driver Travis Pastrana who will NOT be able to drive this weekend since he needs to be in Kentucky for the NASCAR Nationwide race. Travis' teammate Bryce Menzies will drive the # 99 Dodge Dart as scheduled.

However Travis did not leave us Dodge Dart & rally-cross fans hanging!!

Travis enlisted the help of a substitute male Rally Cross driver to take over for this weekend! There are 6 clues I will give you to help you guess who this substitute driver is! I will start with 4 of them. & release the other 2 by Wednesday this week if the correct answer isn't given!

Let me tell you now, this driver is no slouch, HE has won races, has a great Rally Cross record & is well known in Europe!

The 3 clues to get you started are:

1) He is currently 26 years old

2) He was an Acrobat, then a Kart racer untill he was 18 yrs. old

3) He plays amateur ice hockey & soccer

4) He is a champion!

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Muther said:
Timur Timerzyanov, he drives in the ERC, the FIA European Rallycross Championship. That took a bit of googling. I couldn't find anything confirming him, but it has to be him. What's my prize? A "laurel, and hearty handshake'?
How about a silver star & a thanks for playing? You are correct! :1st: (I never should have put that 4th clue in just yet! LOL)

The driver is TImur Timerzyanov, a Red Bull driver for Citeron, The 2012 ERC World Rally Champion who will substitute for Travis Pastrana this weekend at X-Games Munich, Germany!.

This becomes a BIG bonus for three reasons, one we have a driver that is currently in the sport that knows his way around a Rally Car. This becomes an equalizer!

He can train Bryce Menzies & get the car's set up more accurate.

A championship driver like Timur, can tell you what your program is really missing & help elevate your teams to the next level like where Ford is at right now!

In my book this was an EXCELLENT selection by Travis! Just hope it pays dividends on the track!


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Muther said:
Yes, he is very fast, and knows rally inside and out. He isn't caleld the rocket for nothing. I love Travis Pastrana, and his team, but they are a very young team, and they are going against THE giant of rally, Ford. Ford has been rallying since day one. THey have been rallying before rallying reallly existed. They have a ton of talent right now, I think this is excellent. I would love to see him drive more often, as I think Travis is being spread too thin, and being pulled in too many directions.

How would you describe Timur's driving style? Is he anything like a Ken Block , Brian Deegan or Tanner Foust? (Tanner, who I still call a dirty driver)

One more benefit from this decision is that it does show a big commitment on Travis' part & that Dodge is here for the long run in Rally-Cross to have selected Timur!

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Under the Hood - The Makeup of a Rally-Cross Car!

BY JEN HORSEY - X-Games Reporter, ESPN

The lights flash over the grid, signaling a rallycross race is about to begin. An artillery barrage of pops and bangs erupts as 10 drivers fire their anti-lag systems and lean on their handbrakes. The cars squat down, like sprinters in the blocks, mechanical muscles coiled and ready for the race to start. The lights go green and they launch with a roar, an explosion of power that propels them from zero to 60 faster than a Formula One car.

Rallycross cars begin their lives on the production line -- just like the commuter cousins that share their by Text-Enhance">nameplates. But after a rallycross team has worked their magic, these cars are transformed into some of the most versatile racers on the planet.

"A rallycross car stops better than any street car. It accelerates as fast as a racing motorcycle or a Formula One car and it corners better than a Ferrari 458," says driver Tanner Foust, who will compete this week in RallyCross at X Games Munich. "They're faster than any supercar on the planet, including a $2.5 million Bugatti Veyron."

And a relative bargain at only about $350,000 a piece.

A winning rallycross racer must have power and agility on mixed surfaces, plus it must be robust enough to withstand huge jumps and being bashed around by other cars. It's a tall order and getting it right costs money -- in years of development and in high-tech parts.

A top-spec rallycross car is a 600 horsepower, turbocharged, all-wheel drive monster that even Foust says blows his mind. "The Rockstar Energy Drink by Text-Enhance">Ford Fiesta ST I drive is literally faster accelerating than anything you'll ever see in a car magazine or on the street, and that's mind blowing considering it's a two-liter, four-cylinder Ford Fiesta's"

Vehicle preparation starts with stripping the shell down to the bare metal to remove heavy nice-to-haves like heat shielding, by Text-Enhance">insulation and sound dampening; an acid bath at this stage often helps to achieve the race-mandated minimum of 2,866 pounds. Upholstery and air conditioning are traded in for a precisely triangulated protective roll cage made of hard steel tubing.

For weight distribution and safety, a specialized racing seat is hard mounted in a position that's farther back and lower down than most regular vehicles and, because race car drivers don't have longer legs or arms than the rest of us, pedals and specialized steering wheels are installed with extensions so they're within optimal reach.
The dashboard is minimalist, custom-made and coated in a light-absorbing material to eliminate glare on the windshield. The sequential-transmission lever is positioned so the driver doesn't have to move his hands far from the wheel to shift (without the clutch), and an outsized handbrake handle is positioned so it's easy for the driver to grab when the car is sliding through a tight corner.

"The first thing I thought was that these things are lightened out and tricked out," said Scott Speed, a former Formula One driver currently competing in NASCAR who won his first X Games RallyCross in Brazil earlier this year. "Technology wise, they're more similar to an F1 car than what I've been driving lately."

A rallycross car is required to use an engine block built by its namesake manufacturer -- so a Ford is a Ford, and a Volkswagen is a Volkswagen -- and the X Games field mostly uses two-liter, four-cylinder, turbocharged motors. But these racing setups are engineered to produce high power (around 600 horsepower) and high torque (almost that much), and more than 45 pounds of boost.

(That's what makes Rally-Cross so unique - NO Spec Cars are allowed!)

They hit top speeds of about 135 mph. Because getting the holeshot is so important in rallycross, the cars feature explosive acceleration. If you're driving a production Ford by Text-Enhance">Fiesta ST and mash the gas from a standstill, it's going to take you between six and seven seconds to get to 60 mph. Its all-wheel drive competition equivalent gets there in less than two seconds.

Noted for their agility as well as their speed, the best rallycross cars have a short wheelbase that makes them capable of rapid direction changes on virtually any surface. "It is the most hyperactive car you can imagine driving," says Foust. "If you sneeze, you drive off the road. It's twitchy and sensitive."

Part of that is due to the way the car is set up. Rallycross cars feature multi-way adjustable suspensions capable of absorbing big shocks, like landing the 70-foot jump, while still handling well where it matters the most on the racecourse.

But no car can do everything and even the high-spec class of rallycross racer aptly named a "Supercar" has its limitations. Adownpour forced the cancellation of X Games RallyCross in Barcelona because the dirt in the stadium dissolved into a thick, soupy clay several inches deep. Their tires were getting so badly caked with mud that they couldn't get any traction. The upshot is X Games Munich, taking place this week, gets an extra RallyCross race as a make-up, so there will be two race days.

These cars are built tough, so most will make it through both race days -- although some will start looking a little worse-for-wear after going a few rounds. Someone who's never been to a rallycross before might wonder about these cars the first time they see them edge quietly onto the grid. To the uninitiated, they look like they could be daily drivers with colorful paint jobs. But once they roar off the start, it's clear that under the hood, they're anything but.

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Ford RallyCross at the FröttmaRing (Werner-Heisenberg-Allee 11, Munich): It’s a race, not a [/size]chase! Come watch the fastest sport at the X Games where every seat has a great view![/size]


Venue FröttmaRing (Werner-Heisenberg-Allee 11, Munich) / Doors open 60 minutes prior to the competition!

Athletes 17

Heats 3 Heats of 4 drivers and 1 Heat of 5 drivers - released at intervals; 10 minute sessions of timed "hot laps" for each group

Competition Flow Drivers drive within 10 minutes as many laps as possible; Drivers required to hit the jump during the Seeding Session

Judgement Fastest lap counts as seeding score; seeds into Round One


Athletes 17

Heats 3 heats of 4 drivers

Laps 6

Competition Flow Starting light system signals start of race; each driver completes 6 laps, each race will include joker lap which drivers must take only once

Judgement Actual finish order; top 2 from each heat advance to final (8), losers to Last Chance
Qualifier (LCQ)

Athletes 9

Heats 1 heat of 9 drivers

Laps 4

Competition Flow Starting light system signals start of race; each driveer completes 4 laps, each race will include joker lap which drivers must take only once

Judgement Actual finish order; Top 2 finishers advance to final (2), losers eliminated


Athletes 10

Heats & Laps 1 heat of 10 drivers (8 from Round 1, 2 from LCQ); 10 Laps

Competition Flow Starting light system signals start of race; each driveer completes 10 laps, each race will include joker lap which drivers must take only once

Judgement Actual finish order

Medals 3

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Television Schedule

All Races will be LIVE via webstream on ESPN 3 & on ESPN

Saturday June 29th 8 AM CDT - 9 AM EDT

Sunday June 30th - TBA

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Pastrana Racing announced today that Timur Timerzyanov will drive the No. 199 Red Bull/Discount Tire by Text-Enhance">Dodge Dart in the Global Rallycross event at X Games Munich on June 29-30. Timerzyanov will replace Travis Pastrana, who will be unable to attend the race due to other commitments. Pastrana will return to the car at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on July 11.

Timerzyanov, 26, is the defending European Supercars champion, having won six races in 2012 in 10 starts. He ranks first in the same division through five races this year, having finished second in the previous three race events. (Which means this guy is REAL GOOD!!)

X Games Munich will be the second event of Timerzyanov’s Global Rallycross by Text-Enhance">career.

Last season, he was an injury replacement at the season finale in Las Vegas, where he scored a heat victory and finished ninth in the main event.
Currently, Pastrana ranks seventh in GRC points with 10, while teammate Bryce Menzies ranks 15th.
Dodge ranks second in the GRC manufacturer’s championship with 12 points

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Racing RallyCross - An Expensive Endeavor

By Devon O'Neil - X

The hot Sunday afternoon sun had given way to a chilly night in downtown Los Angeles in July as the X Games faded into the proverbial rearview mirror. Team manager Blair Stopnik (@stopnik) and the rest of Travis Pastrana's RallyCross crew were nearly finished with their packing duties, still gutted from the events that transpired that afternoon.

Usually the end of such a long week, no matter the result, calls for celebration. More than 200 man hours go into preparing a car for an X Games RallyCross race, part of the roughly $100,000 per event, including travel and all related costs, such as salaries and car parts, it costs a team to enter what is far and away the most expensive sport in the X Games lineup.

But on this night, the crude taste of motorsports reality dampened the mood.

Suddenly, out of the dark strode Andy Scott, a 58-year-old X Games rookie and commercial scallop fisherman from Scotland. Hours earlier, Scott's gaffe had crushed Pastrana's chances when he inexplicably failed to brake and rammed Pastrana's gleaming new Dodge Dart into a concrete barrier, severely damaging the car and leaving Pastrana unable tocontinue racing. It happened on the first turn of the first heat, roughly three seconds into an event that had been a year in the making.

Pastrana left the paddock hours before Scott appeared. His teammates had already packed up his car and were preparing to leave too.

"I'm sorry," Scott told Pastrana's crew, according to Stopnik. "I didn't think [the car damage] was that bad."

The Scotsman handed over a bottle of scotch as a gift for the crew to enjoy later.
Pastrana's teammates, like Pastrana himself, had been boiling since the crash. They knew they had a fast car, which they proved by winning the next race in the Global RallyCross Championship series. But when Scott walked up and apologized, instead of lambasting him for destroying their race and their car, they simply accepted it and moved on.

"Of course we're pissed and aren't necessarily going to be as friendly on the track, but we leave it there," Stopnik says. "We don't take it personally."
The episode underscored the most crucial skill in RallyCross racing -- one that has nothing to do with driving. In a sport where cars cost $450,000, top teams operate on seven-figure annual budgets and a rookie's momentary miscue ruins everything, you don't stand a chance if you can't forget what just happened.
For a skateboarder to compete at X Games Barcelona last month, the expenses were straightforward: one plane ticket, a hotel room, food and drinks, a few skateboards. Total cost: roughly $3,000. (That number can rise for a range of variables, like if a physical therapist is needed to help a banged-up athlete prepare for an event and must be brought in from overseas.)

For a RallyCross driver to compete in Barcelona -- which never actually happened due to heavy rain that postponed the race until this month in Munich -- every expense was multiplied by the size of the team's crew. The six-figure cost per car was 30 times higher than the skateboarder's expenses. And the RallyCross fees didn't include the 747 jet ESPN hired to transport the cars overseas.

(That just tells you how much money ESPN has as a company!)

Andreas Eriksson, who owns six Ford Fiestas on the GRC circuit and whose drivers swept the top five spots at X Games Foz do Iguaçu in April, brought 45 people to Spain. He has earmarked $3.6 million to operate his six cars this year, which include four 2013 models and two 2012 models. Foz champion Scott Speed, whose background includes Formula One and NASCAR Sprint Cup races, drove one of the 2012 Fiestas to victory in his X Games debut.

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Hot off the presses, here is the X Games Munich Driver Entry List for this weekend

Manufacturer breakdown

Ford - 8 teams

Subaru - 3 teams

Dodge - 2 teams

Volkswagen - 2 teams

BMW/Mini - 1 team

Mitsubishi - 1 team

Citeron - 0 teams

Total teams entered - 17

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SRT Motorsports/Dodge – Global RallyCross Championship Race Advance – Rounds 2 & 3 – Munich, Germany

Dodge – Global RallyCross Championship Race Advance

Rounds No. 2 and 3 – Munich, Germany

June 29-30th, 2013

Courtesy -


· Dodge and SRT Motorsports are teaming up with action sports legend Travis Pastrana for a second year of Global Rallycross Championship (GRC) competition.

· Pastrana Racing will field two Dodge Darts at this weekend’s X Games in Munich, Germany.

Pastrana will be competing in the NASCAR Nationwide race at Kentucky Speedway Friday night and will not be able to compete at Munich.

Timur Timerzyanov will pilot the No. 199 Red Bull / Discount Tire Dodge Dart while off-road truck specialist and 2012 Trophy Truck – SCORE – Baja 500 champion Bryce Menzies will race the No. 99 Red Bull / Discount Tire Dodge Dart entry.

· The 2013 Global Rallycross Series Dodge Dart is custom built specific for GRC competition. The engine: purpose-built, 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, turbo-charged, 600-horsepower.


A second race has been added to the X Games Munich schedule. The race on June 29 will serve as Round 2 of the GRC season, replacing last month’s scheduled event in Barcelona that was cancelled due to inclement weather.


Bryce Menzies No. 99 Red Bull/Discount Tire Dodge Dart


“We’ve only done one round in Brazil so far. Getting use to the cars and trying to figure the setup is quite a bit different than what I’m used to with my truck racing which is two-wheel drive compared to coming over to the Dodge Dart which is all-wheel drive. It’s just making all the adjustments, not only driving skills for myself but also setup-wise for the cars. We’re still testing and tuning, trying to fine-tune the cars to make ‘em faster and get ‘em up front.

“It has been a big challenge for me to transfer from off-road and what I’m used to into these rally cars, just trying to get used to the car, get comfortable, get some seat time. We’ve only had one round so far and it didn’t go as I planned. I’m looking forward to Munich and getting back in the car and getting a lot more seat time and racing.”


“It’s kind of one of those things where they give us a course map before we get here but it’s tough to really tell what the course is going to be like, how wide it is and all that stuff, until we actually see the course itself. And secondly, you’ve just got to be ready. Once we get there, you walk around the course and mentally prepare. “I think this round is going to be awesome. I haven’t been in the car that much so I think this is going to play into our favor; I think we’re going to do really well here.”


“I believe so just because we really don’t get that much driving time in these cars and we haven’t had that much testing with them. With a weekend like this with two rounds it’s huge just because we can try a lot of different stuff with two different cars. We can try different stuff on each car in practice and during the race. Just the driving time that we’ll get is really going to help us throughout the race weekend.”


“Having Timur come over and drive I think is going to be awesome. He has a huge background of Rallycross experience; we can use that knowledge. Driver to driver, I think he can help me out a lot. A past champion is huge to have around you, just talking to him, trying to find different lines and how to drive the car. With him in the car, especially with two rounds, I think it’s going to help setup-wise.”

Gary Johnson – SRT Motorsports Racing Manager

“After the unfortunate weather-related cancellation of the Barcelona event, the team is excited to make up that race with a doubleheader this weekend in Munich. We have a replacement driver for Travis (Pastrana) for this race due to his conflict with the Nationwide race in Kentucky.

Timur Timerzyanov is a great addition to the team and will be running along with Bryce Menzies in the Dodge Darts. Timur has a fantastic Rallycross history. We’re hoping for some good racing and better results in Germany.”


No. 99 Red Bull/Discount Tire Dodge Dart

Birthdate: 08/21/1987

Hometown: Mesa, Ariz.

Crew Chief: Ian Davies

Career Racing Highlights

· 2012 TORC Short Course Pro2 Class champion.
· 2012 Baja 500 champion.
· 2011 TORC Short Course Pro2 Class champion.
· 2011 SCORE Off-Road Racing Series champion and Rookie of the Year.
· 2010 LOORRS Super Team of the year award.
· 2010 Finished 3rd in Lucas Off Road Racing Series
· 2007 CORR Single Buggy Championship and the CORR Rookie of the Year.

Timur Timerzyanov

No. 199 Red Bull/Discount Tire Dodge Dart

Birthdate: 1/31/87

Hometown: Kazan, Tatarstan.
Crew Chief: Derik Nelson

Career Rally Highlights

· 2012 European Supercar Champion

· Seven career European Supercar victories
· Made Global Rallycross Championship debut at SEMA in 2012 (with another team)

· Leads the 2013 FIA European Rallycross Championship by 13 points after five of nine races

· 2010 FIO European Rallycross Champion (Super 1600) with four victories and the first Russian to win a FIA Rallycross title

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We have a double feature article for you today! Check it out below!


Though both Global Rallycross and X Games may be making their first-ever stops in Germany, heading to Munich at the end of June, that doesn’t mean that GRC drivers are unfamiliar with competing in the country. In fact, if the past is any indication, visiting the country should be a welcome site for much of the sport’s European contingent.

The European championship often features a round at the Estering circuit, located in Buxtehude in the northern part of Germany. Over the past decade, Estering has hosted eight events, including last year’s season finale won by Liam Doran.

But three-time European champion and current Subaru PUMA Rallycross Team driver Sverre Isachsen is perhaps the king of the Estering. Isachsen took his first Supercar victory in Buxtehude in 2005, and claimed additional wins in 2006, 2009, and 2010. Only twice, in 2004 and 2008, did he fail to score the victory while competing at the track.

While Isachsen was often unbeatable, Andreas Eriksson, the man behind OlsbergsMSE and the new GRC Lites concept, would frequently mount a strong challenge. Eriksson won the race in 2008, finished second to Isachsen in 2006 and 2009, and added a fifth place in 2010.

Many drivers with GRC links besides Doran also competed at Buxtehude last season. Andy Scott, who ran four GRC races in 2012, finished fifth in the Supercar class, while Timur Timerzyanov, not long before he made his GRC debut with OMSE, finished 14th. Future GRC Lites driver Joni Wiman finished eighth in the Super 1600 class, while Anton Marklund wrapped up his Touring Car class championship with a seventh place run.

Two of the drivers making their GRC debuts at X Games Munich also have experience racing in Germany. Mattias Ekstrom is one of the DTM touring car series’ most legendary drivers, debuting in the series in 2001 and taking 17 victories and two championships since then. Meanwhile, Townsend Bell made his CART debut at the Lausitzring in 2001, finishing on the lead lap in 13th place in a Patrick Racing Reynard-Toyota.


The Race of Champions is one of motorsports’ most prestigious international events, pitting drivers from every corner of the world and every racing discipline against one another to determine who is the greatest driver of all; in that regard, it’s a lot like Global Rallycross.
But with the addition of Mattias Ekstrom to the field at X Games Munich, the two events share more than just similarities in scope.

“I would rank (GRC) on the same level as the Race of Champions, because it’s a similar event,” Ekstrom said. “But the competition is way better than it is in ROC because all of the drivers are specialists in their own cars.”

A total of nine current or former GRC drivers have been selected to appear at ROC events, with at least one future GRC driver making an appearance every year from 2001 to 2011. In 40 combined selections, they have taken nine Champion of Champions awards and been a part of three Nations’ Cup victories, while two Champion of Champions finals would feature future GRC competitors competing head to head.

Ekstrom brings three Champion of Champions titles to the table, having won in 2006, 2007, and 2009, and a Nations’ Cup from 2005 as a part of the Scandinavian team. He has been selected to compete in the event six times, most of any driver in the field at Munich; Tanner Foust ranks second with three selections, while Brian Deegan and Scott Speed have one a piece.

Though Travis Pastrana won’t be racing in Munich, the GRC owner/driver has been a staple of ROC events through the past decade. Pastrana boasts eight ROC selections, including seven in a row from 2005 to 2011, and competed for the Nations’ Cup on his own in 2006.

Three drivers to make race appearances last season have all taken home the Champion of Champions trophy. Marcus Gronholm, who won the first two GRC races of 2012, won the event in 2002, while defending X Games Los Angeles gold medalist Sebastien Loeb boasts victories from 2003, 2005, and 2008. Loeb also finished second in 2010 to Filipe Albuquerque, who raced at Texas last year as a teammate to Pastrana.

The full breakdown of driver statistics is below:

Current/Former GRC Drivers to Earn Race of Champions Selections
  • Filipe Albuquerque (GRC 2012; ROC 2010-11)
  • Brian Deegan (GRC 2011-13; ROC 2011)
  • Tanner Foust (GRC 2011-13; ROC 2008-10)
  • Marcus Gronholm (GRC 2011-12; ROC 2001-07, 2009)
  • Sebastien Loeb (GRC 2012; ROC 2002-06, 2008, 2010)
  • Travis Pastrana (GRC 2011-13; ROC 2003, 2005-11)
  • Nani Roma (GRC 2013; ROC 2006)
  • Carlos Sainz (GRC 2013; ROC 1989-93, 1996-99)
  • Scott Speed (GRC 2013; ROC 2006)
Current/Former GRC Drivers to Win Champion of Champions
  • 1997: Carlos Sainz
  • 2002: Marcus Gronholm
  • 2003: Sebastien Loeb
  • 2005: Sebastien Loeb
  • 2006: Mattias Ekstrom
  • 2007: Mattias Ekstrom
  • 2008: Sebastien Loeb
  • 2009: Mattias Ekstrom
  • 2010: Filipe Albuquerque
Current/Former GRC Drivers to Appear in Champion of Champions Final
  • 1993: Carlos Sainz
  • 2000: Marcus Gronholm
  • 2002: Sebastien Loeb
  • 2003: Marcus Gronholm
  • 2004: Sebastien Loeb
  • 2010: Sebastien Loeb
Current/Former GRC Drivers to Win Nations’ Cup
  • 2004: Sebastien Loeb (France)
  • 2005: Mattias Ekstrom (Scandinavia)
  • 2006: Marcus Gronholm (Finland)

This list is VERY Impressive!

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Although Travis is not in Munich, we have him right here showing some highlights & an inside look at Global Rally-Cross from the last event in Barcelona, Spain.

Take some time & enjoy this video. if you look carefully, you will see some technical aspects of his Dodge Dart, for example the team uses Cooper tires !
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