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hemi_magnum said:
...and now waiting for the broadcast. Though no real reason to watch anymore.

Frustrating. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but man, for the "flagship" motorsport for Dodge at the moment, holy smokes is this frustrating.

As always, thanks for the updates, Bob.
I avoided here on purpose, so I could enjoy the recorded broadcast when I arrived home.
Pretty anticlimactic and the effort looked worse on TV than simply reading about it.
If they are going to use GRC as one of only three Chrysler racing efforts, they need to step it up, this is worse than watching harp seals being beaten...
The car is too big, underpowered, under braked and poor handling, other than that it looks fine.

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Youtube x-games channel actually has Race 1 on there. He did great when he wasnt' being wiped out. o_O

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Yeah, that was the best they did all day. Unfortunately the car was losing power by Lap 5 and just keep getting slower and slower as the day went on.

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Unfortunate; but it proves that the Dart is capable enough; just the chaos in the corners that kills it, most of the time.

I haven't watched to be sure; but I think THIS is the second race.

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suzq044 said:
Unfortunate; but it proves that the Dart is capable enough; just the chaos in the corners that kills it
It's size and lack of power, prevents it from cleanly negotiating the corners, that allows the competition to catch up and out corner it.
Both cars were pushing and allowed the competition to get inside of it in the corners. Dart caused the "chaos" by not being able to stay out of the way.

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SRT Motorsports: Dodge Dart Drivers Have No Luck In GRC Event At X Games Munich – Race Recap

Timerzyanov, Menzies Miss Global Rallycross Main Event at X Games
MUNICH, Germany (Sunday, June 30, 2013) – After a day of rain in Munich, Round 3 of the Global Rallycross Championship was contested under sunny skies Sunday at X Games Munich. Unfortunately, “good luck” wasn’t as abundant for the by Text-Enhance">Dodge Darts from Pastrana Racing.

Bryce Menzies (No. 99 Red Bull/ Discount Tire/Dodge Dart and teammate Timur Timerzyanov (No. 199 Red Bull/Discount Tire/Dodge Dart) looked to rebound after Saturday’s sluggish results. Timerzyanov won the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) and led the Dodge duo with a 10th-place finish in the Main Event while Menzies failed to qualify for the 10-lap feature.

Although Sunday’s weather was favorable, the track remained tricky. Menzies started third in Heat 2 for the six-lap qualifier. After a transmission swap prior the heat, the No. 99 by Text-Enhance">Dodge Dart experienced gearbox issues on Lap 2. Menzies elected to retire and give the crew time to make repairs for the LCQ.
“The No. 99 had a transmission failure between practice and qualifying,” said SRT Motorsports Racing Manager Gary Johnson. “The team was able to change the transmission and get Menzies to the starting grid for his heat. A gearbox issue forced him to the LCQ.”

European Supercar Champion and current FIA European Rallycross point leader Timur Timerzyanov – driving for Travis Pastrana who was competing in the NASCAR Nationwide Series in Kentucky – was seeded third for Heat 4. He was third as the field exited Turn 1 and that’s where he finished, forcing Timerzyanov to join his teammate in the LCQ.

“The Dodge Dart launches well considering its size and did a nice by Text-Enhance">job getting off the line both days,” said SRT Motorsports Racing Manager Gary Johnson. “The team worked on launch strategy. That wasn’t an issue this weekend. Unfortunately there were other gremlins.”
Nine drivers battled for the two LCQ transfer spots into the Main Event. Timur Timerzyanov used a strong launch to grab the lead twice only to have the effort nullified by a red flag. Six cars were involved in the two mishaps – three in each – including Menzies. With only four of the nine starters on the grid for the third restart, Timerzyanov didn’t get the launch this time around. The problem wasn’t the launch, mechanical problems were. The No. 199 retired without completing a lap.

“The team is anxious to get back to the U.S. and the next event at New Hampshire,” said Gary Johnson. “They’ve been working out of containers and tents here. They’re anxious to get back to normal and work out of the haulers.

“We didn’t accomplish what we wanted this weekend. Weird circumstances seem to be the norm both days. The positive – the cars show a lot of promise. Timur was impressed with the potential of our Dodge Darts. The crews will work hard to get the cars ready for New Hampshire.”

Heikkinen Toomas took the victory in the 10-lap feature with Liam Doran, Saturday’s winner, finishing second and Tanner Foust third.

The Global Rallycross Championship returns to action in two weeks when the series heads to New Hampshire Motor Speedway for Round 4. Travis Pastrana is the defending event champion, earning Dodge its first GRC win. Pastrana will return to the seat of the No. 199 Dodge Dart with Menzies in the No. 99 Dart.

Race Results – Round 3

Global Rallycross Championship

X Games Munich

Sunday, June30, 2013

1. Toomas Heikkinen
2. Liam Doran
3. Tanner Foust
4. Mattias Ekstrom
5. Ken Block
6. Steve Arpin
7. Townsend Bell
8. Guilherme Spinelli
9. Sverre Isachsen
10. Brian Deegan

Heat 1

(Six Laps – Top Two Advance)

1. Toomas Heikkinen
2. Steve Arpin
3. Guilherme Spinelli
4. Anton Marklund

Heat 2

(Six Laps – Top Two Advance)

1. Mattias Ekstrom
2. Sverre Isachsen
3. Bucky Lasek

Heat 3

(Six Laps – Top Two Advance)

1. Liam Doran
2. Ken Block
3. Patrik Sandell
4. Dave Mirra
5. Scott Speed

Heat 4

(Six Laps – Top Two Advance)

1. Brian Deegan
2. Tanner Foust
4. Townsend Bell

Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)

(Four Laps – Top Two Advance)

1. Townsend Bell
2. Guilherme Spinelli
3. Bucky Lasek
6. Patrik Sandell
7. Scott Speed
8. Anton Marklund
9. Dave Mirra
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