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GM looking to complete retreat from India

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Although GM stopped producing vehicles in India back in 2017, there have been lingering nagging issues complicating the company's retreat from the country, including government regulations and legal issues with former employees.

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I don't think I'd look for a broad social message here. Companies can fail because they don't have the right product or the right marketing or the right people in place. Jeep is slowly building a following in India but they will not be a volume seller since Mahindra has been there for decades and decades. They are going for luxury rather than raw capability because Mahindra can do the capability at a far lower price.

Apple is building fairly rapidly in India. They've made mistakes, figured them out, and adapted. Mary Barra chose to withdraw from areas where GM is not successful rather than trying to divert her attention to a dozen areas at once. She decided to fix GM’s core and then go back out again. To me that makes sense. Toyota’s strategy of never leaving any place at all, and keeping on trying, also makes sense - because Toyota’s core has never fallen so badly as GM’s. Of course Toyota is a much newer company even today. GM arose from Buick which arose in 1899; Toyota was formed just before World War II.

I don't think overgeneralizing is ever a particularly good idea. Even about one country. India is pretty large and diverse.
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