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People assume electric cars will always cost more than gasoline cars. I’m sure people complained the first cars were so much more expensive than horses too.
I think it’s quite possible after widespread adoption, that the overall cost of electric cars may well be less than for a gasoline car. That may still be some years away.

Electric vehicles will have much fewer parts than an ICE vehicle - and the labor hours to assemble them are also fewer.

Existing manufacturers such as Stellantis / GM / Ford will have to spend money to build new assembly plants, or convert existing ICE plants for BEV assembly.

Manufacturers such as Tesla are ahead of the game as they have been building and designing factories for BEV’s (no obsolete factories or equipment).

I think the vehicle manufacturers are working very hard to condition their customers that BEV’s HAVE to cost more, and are working hard to have the various governments (federal and state) provide tax-payer funded subsidies for people to buy their vehicles.
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