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Got a '63 Valiant in Tucson, AZ

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after regretting the sale of my '64 wagon, i bought a '63 signet on the cheap. it has a 225 2bbl that appears to have been rebuilt, and the original PB auto was replaced with a 4-speed (it was done long ago, and properly--it has the correct pedals, and the for-speed floor hump).

it spent it's formative years in it's state of origin, so it has a little rust (unlike the semi-native ones here). the interior is shot, but the dang thing runs like a top, and does not burn a drop of oil.

i think this one is a keeper. i will do the body, paint, and interior, maintain its mechanics, and call it good. since the 4 is an OD, this is a serious highway cruiser (it revs super-low at 75 mph).

i see there is a couple of people from tucson. i hope to meet you in person.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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