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Got My Dart This Week

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And I am absolutely thrilled with it! I love it!

Full album here (didn't want to embed all the images separately):

Quick rundown:
Limited in Blue Streak
Black premium cloth interior
1.4L Turbo with 6 speed manual
Power express sunroof
Technology group
Alpine 9-speaker stereo

I plan to write a more robust review after I log some miles and after my vacation this weekend, but here are some quick first impressions:

After having a little time to deep dive into the EVIC and Uconnect systems, I am insanely impressed. I was a little worried about the performance of both, especially with the digital speedo, but those concerns were wiped away immediately.

Even with just 50 miles on the engine, I was already getting 38-40 mpg on the highway at 73mph.

The fit and finish is really top notch. I had 3 people with me look everything nook and cranny over with a fine tooth comb and we couldn't find any manufacturing defects or blemishes or anything. The car preps did miss some of the protective plastic on the inside and left a razor blade (blade up) on the driver's seat. Luckily I noticed it before it did any damage to my seat or my leg.

I'm still getting used to the clutch and transmission in general. I think I would have liked to see 1st and 2nd gears a little closer in ratio. It's resulted in a couple of herky jerky shifts, but I'll adjust.

More to come!

I'll be happy to answer any questions or get you specific pictures of things you want to see.
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