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What's really sad, my 2010 Commander seems to be more reliable than my previous Chrysler products, it hasn't suffered any malfuctions or problems yet, other than a bad gas cap that was easily fixed on my own. It really seems to be much better engineered, higher quality and more reliable than my previous Chrysler Products I own.

Yet, I've never had any of my less reliable Chrysler products into the Dealership as much as I have for my 2010 Commander. I dare say this is likely the last Chrysler Product I ever purchase if they do NOT turn this around, even though I've never been happier with their products.

Huh? Doesn't make sense? Its the proprietary locks on the electronics, I can NOT do a single modification, add, even MOPAR Accessories, do many basic maintenance myself, I can't even get spare keys made without having to go into the dealer and pay outrageous prices for service for them to use their proprietary scan tool. I even bought a fairly expensive enhanced scan tool, I'm still locked out of most of the electronics and basic maintenance and configuration tasks.

I can afford to buy just about any Chrysler product on the lot, I just can't afford to own, operate, maintain them. What I've spent on Dealership Service so far for my 2010 Commander, and the vehicle hasn't even broken down yet.

And NO it does NOT need to be this way because of the multiple computer modules, that is a line of BS, all sorts of other industries are years ahead of the auto industry in this regard and they never needed this level of service for basic maintenance and configuration. Chrysler deliberately designs it this way to provide business to their dealerships. They would have to be to incompetent to sell a single car otherwise.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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