It’s been a busy week for Jeep; among other things, we’ve learned what the new Grand Cherokee L’s gas mileage will be. The Grand Cherokee L is the first of the next-generation Grand Cherokees; it is based on a different platform than the old "WK2" series, which was codeveloped with Mercedes. The new platform appears to have elements from the Giorgio setup originally envisioned as a corporate-wide platform/architecture, but now reportedly focused on Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

Here are the figures for the Grand Cherokee L:
4WD V6—18 city, 25 highway (21 combined)
4WD V8—14 city, 22 highway (17 combined)
RWD V6—19 city, 26 highway (21 combined)
The Pentastar V6 takes regular gas, while the Hemi V8 requires midgrade (89 octane).

Those figures are identical to the standard Jeep Grand Cherokee. They do share powertrains, and apparently they also share similar coefficient of drag, axles, and weights.

The Grand Cherokee L will undergo a severe testing regimen designed to eliminate squeaks, water leaks, and rattles; every vehicle will be tested at the factory in what looks to be both the most severe testing ever for a Mopar, and also a test run for the Wagoneer. In good news for Stellantis, it appears that the chip shortage has not impacted Grand Cherokee L production at all.

Wagoneer training for Jeep dealers has begun well in advance of actual product; dealerships are being asked to finish intensive and time-consuming training for anyone involved in sales and service of the luxury Jeep. Part of the training is insisting on a much higher than usual level of customer care, which may bleed into the “lesser” vehicles at the same dealerships.

A listing of Stellantis brands showed Wagoneer separately from Jeep, suggesting that the Wagoneer will be somewhat separated from the more plebian Jeeps—as an alternative to abandoning lower-end models like the Renegade, Compass, and Cherokee. So far Wagoneer will not have its own showrooms, though.