A persistent rumor that Chrysler will be getting a crossover based on the Jeep Grand Commander is being reinforced by repeated sightings of Grand Commanders near Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Grand Commander in Michigan

Testing of the Jeep version was presumably finished before that model launched in China, and it seems unlikely FCA would release the crossover as a Jeep.  While some might want a longer Cherokee, the Grand Commander reported falls too far short of Jeep standards — below Renegade specs.

Jeep Grand Commander - a future Chrysler?

The new Chrysler would be a mildly altered version of the Grand Commander, which was based on the Jeep Cherokee, which was a heavy rework of an Alfa Romeo platform. The roots are pretty well hidden, though; the Cherokee Trailhawk is fairly impressive off-road.

It’s possible Jeep is planning new powertrains for the Grand Commander, and that’s all we’re seeing. It’s actually likely they are planning at least one new motor, but the engineering efforts (and outlay) probably won’t end with the Grand Commander, not when Chrysler is short of product. The crossover doesn’t seem well suited to Dodge’s muscular image, unless they plan to make it with a Hemi, but it does fall right into Chrysler’s current “whatever isn’t a Dodge, Ram, or Jeep” product plan.

What will the Chrysler version look like? We’ve been told to expect a combination of Pacifica and Portal styling, so your guess is as good as ours.

Thanks to Tim Brown for contributing his spy shots.