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Hello, my name is Julio. I have lurked around your forum on and off for a while, but would like to get more regular trying to learn some stuff.

When I was 16 or 17 my mom gave me her 66' Coronet. She was the second owner. Never been wrecked, no rust. I immediatley proceeded to wreck it, not bad. Left lower control arm. In any case I never got it back together and eventually lost it through the total retardation youth brings. One of my regrets. I wish I had that car now.

Fast forward 20 years. Picked up an 87' B150 van in Phoenix. Perfectly straight, totally in tact. I think someone put a lot of highway miles on it(138,000) then parked it in the shade or garage. The pad on the brake pedal is not even worn through. Never seen anything like it. It has a 318. Right now it eats a ton of gas (less than 10mpg) and doesn't idle well at all. I want to go through it and make it totally awesome, but I don't have tons of time or money. I would like to hot rod it out to some extent but maintain decent gas mileage and not spend a ton of cash. I will start posting questions in the tech area trying to learn stuff and see what the best course of action is to take. I built up a Honda CB750 SOHC motorcycle and have some experience with all the headaches that come when you start getting away from stock, but I think I want to try it with the van. It would just be so cool.

So that's it for the intro. Look forward to learning some stuff and maybe getting my van where I envision it. Thanks and take it easy. Julio

If I knew how to post a pic I would.