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Greetings from Wisconsin

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My name is Dennis and I have a restored (mostly) 1970 Cuda with a 440-6 and a unrestored and disassembled 1979 Plymouth Volare Roadrunner with T-Tops. The Cuda I have had for approximately 37 years. It was originally a 340 automatic and I changed it to the 440-6 and 4 speed. The Volare I have had for 12 years and at this point am uncertain as to what I will do with it (topic for another posting). Generally, I like Mopars but do appreciate all makes of automobiles. Just thought I would join this Allpar community so that I could utilize the vast amount of knowledge that is available.
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Welcome to the forum. Two very nice cars I must say. Having a 'cuda that long is very cool, I have owned my 39 Nash 41 years.
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