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hi from another NEWBIE:

I have a 1970 GTX -440-4 bl, HI perf, AT/AC which I have owned for 12 years ,but am just now getting around to assembling. The Motor and tranny are rebuilt and installed. did the breakin run and some tuning sessions.
No tag is a problem. The car is numbers matching, needs total restoration. I don't have the coin for a full resto, so I will piece it along, drive it a little and see.
I had a 69 GTX 40 years back......regretted selling it ever since. Also had a 383 '70 barracuda. Never had a AT muscle car before.......waiting to put some miles on this and see if its a keeper. I have found some good info here in the past, so I thought I should register.....I'm sure to have some ???? soon. Merry Christmas to all.