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I agree with the advice, sounds like a hub bearing. For your information, here is my history of hub replacements, all on the driver's side. This is on a 1991 Grand Caravan.

193,360 miles, Bought hub for $143 from Dodge
217,000 miles, Bought hub for $130 from Kragen
287,000 miles, Bought hub for $62 plus hub seal for $7 both from non-franchise parts store

I suspect a drivetrain misalignment is causing my Caravan to eat driver side hub bearings, also drive axles. it's not too bad a job. By the way, my clue was the noise you describe, which was worse when the bad bearing was on the outside of the turn. It did not feel rough when turned while still on the car.

Two months ago my daughter's Volvo was "making a funny noise". It turns out the hub bearing had failed, as in the outer race had come off, and the brake caliper scraping on the disc was all that prevented the wheel from falling off. So, don't wait too long to fix it!

Good luck,
Larry - Pasadena
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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