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Gryomatic with problem getting into reverse

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I have a 1950 Dodge that has only 27K original miles with the Gryomatic transmission and having a problem getting the car to go into reverse. It is definitely a linkage issue and may be as simple as a adjustment. The major problem is there is not any information in the shop manual on how to adjust or even a diagram that shows which part of the linkage is the reverse ? would anyone have any information ? :runaway:
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All I can think of is to open the hood and have someone try to put it in reverse while you observe the linkage. I had a similar problem with a 48 Plymouth Special Deluxe I had back in 75 and my father just pried the two linkage pieces apart. They were hitting one another and binding. I don't know if this helps or not, but maybe it will. Heck, I see Gyromatic and am guessing this is an automatic? I'm not at all familiar with that. My Dad had a Chiltons Manual for the older car. I'll go by my mother's house tomorrow and see if it's still there. If it is, I'll grab it and see if I can find something out for you.
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