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Howdy All,

Thought I'd lay out some questions relavent to replacing the 2001 pass side drive shaft axle. I'm fairly confident I can peform demolition of the front bearing carrier, caliper and such to remove the shaft. That's always the fun part for me!!

However since this is my first automatic car, (it has the 41RS 4 speed AT?) I was wondering if I have to drain the AT fluid prior to the much anticipated event?
Since I'm so good at making big time messes. (per the Mrs.) :runaway:

I also noticed that there is a bolted flange to the side of the tranny which may (?) hold a bearing that supports this wobbly wornout shaft ? As long as I'm in there, I suspect that to do the job THE RIGHT WAY I should replace this bearing? After all a Timken is only less than $15 from my favorite mail order supplier.

Anyone out there ever replace this bearing and flange? I sure could you offer some cautionary notes if you have a bunch, or one? Or maybe some totally frustrating info from a real service manual?

Thanks for any replys!!

Snow? what snow? it's 84F today.

Boca Raytone
Python capital of America!! :flashred:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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