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hallo,i'm kriss from nord est Italy.
i'm a 30 years car electrician,was working in fiat,lancia,audi,vw service.
have a good experience in engine management sistem,use a lot of year walbro tdd ecu on rally or offroad cars.
in 2008 i start some project using megasquirt ecu,i like a lot this device,now have 10 friend's car running well.
my next project is a ms3 on a pentastar v6 3600 engine mounting on a offroad buggy.
need wiring diagrams,trigger wheel information,vvt information,all information are appreciated.
hope this is the right forum.
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LMAO.....Good Damn Luck. The Pentastar 3.6L uses 4 variable cams controlled by the PCM via 4 independant actuator solenoids that "step" oil pressure up and down depending on needs derived by the PCM through multiple sensor feeds, and logorythims that will make NASA engineers cringe!!!. Also in the mix is an electronically controlled variable pressure oil pump. Did I mention there's only one cam sensor per cylinder head? Did I also forget to mention that MOPAR hasn't quite got the software right for these engines yet? FYI if you don't put catalytic convertors on them they overheat the heads and burn valves, and drop seats really efficiently!!!

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thanks good reception.
i live about 300km to ferrara.
have this project for a offroad team,they have 2 buggy and some big engine.
when i look pentastar thought it is too technological,but the customer bought it because it is lightweight.
second is a 5700 hemi,i think it's an old generation engine,has only a "twin spark".
the third is a European engine, working with this for me is 4200cc v8
give up the first draft and I will continue with the other.
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