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Happy New Year new motor finally in now clutch doesnt enguage

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Hey folks its been along time last year i sold my daytona race car to a kid in our future stock class and he won a few races with it i on the other hand moved up into the superstock late model class with a mustang body and crate motor rule i wanted a challenger body but was given the mustang anyway was a terrible season so i think im going to retire for this year.

anyway i finally have my first turbo motor done put it in last night went to depress the clutch and straight to the floor the pedal went you want to see someone at 1 am lose it on new years lol. i was quite upset im hoping its just an adjustment she was not easy to get the engine in. i guess i should have pulled the tranny out too and installed them together. lesson learned. the new clutch i put in was easy enough but the release bearing just had a cheap little clip on it i did have it checked out and the tranny shop said it will work the old one had big fat clips.
anyway before i go remove the motor again is there anychance its just an adjustment i can take the the arm that holds the cable and push all the way down with little resistance .. HELP!
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If in your position, the first thing I'd do is crawl under and have a look. Get someone to press the clutch pedal if you think that might help. The fork may have popped off the pivot, or if hydraulic, you may have to bleed the system. Let us know.

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