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Head Job.. Arggg

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On my new 87 Shelby Z, starting hearing an exhaust leak about a week ago. Got underneath and was blowing at the clamps in the front and rear of the Cat. So took it up to the shop and had them weld it vice using the clamps. Guy comes in says "welds are good, but you still have an exhaust leak". Didn't want to hear that, told me it's in the manifold somewhere. UGGG

So got home and ran some sea foam into the intake to get er' to smoke out, only looked like it was seeping out the flange gasket, so replaced it. Well didn't fix it.. Looked closely and manifold gasket is pretty shotty.. guess so at 27 years old.. lol.

Well got the HG, and other parts on order, got a HEAD PULLING TO DO THIS WEEKEND TO FIX.. ARGGG..

Let the fun begin!
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Good luck man keep me and my pops updated. You should head out to hardees with me and my dad next time we go.
Always fun Ive done 2 sofar......
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