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Header Orange and Laguna Blue to open on next allocation.

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It appears that Header Orange(PL4) and Laguna Blue(PBH) will be available for order on the November allocation which opens in October.
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We ordered ourRayle Dart on 10/29/12 and finding the right color was one of the hardest choices!!!!! The dealer sat us down in front of a computer screen, and we clicked on all the colors. Without seeing a real car, just looking at the couputer generated cars on the screen, it was NUTS!!! :frusty: The dealer had ONE Dart broucher that we looked at, and now we were looking at little 1.5" color squares, on a printed broucher!!! We decided to try and look for real photos of the cars on line, and that helped, as when you looked at the Dart "Blue Streak Pearl" that they had sitting on the car lot, then looked at the couputer screen blue streak pearl, and the broucher blue streak pearl, they were three different colors!!! The computer, and broucher were both way off to reality!!! We settled on choosing
"Winter Chill", Went throught the whole process, of options, and were told, "nope, cant order that for some reason!" Winter Chill was impossible to find a real car photo of also! Next, we chose Laguna Blue. Same thing, "Nope, we can not order that color for some reason", and no photos of it were available on line either! :facepalm:
We gave up, and said, Blue Streak Pearl, as for sure, we could see it on the lot! Yup, they could even order it for us!

Dodge really needs to get its act together on color samples, IN DEALERS showrooms!! I mean, really, how hard would it be to paint a 4x5" card with the actual paint, and have it available in every dealrship??? It was the worst part of the car buying experiance for us... Now I read Laguna Blue was not even available yet until Nov.. Hello,,, tell your dealers this news! Don't get me wrong, we really do like the Blue Streak pearl, too, but, its sad, it was our third choice., and took HOURS to choose!!!

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