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heater control cables 63 valiant

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I removed the cables that control the operation of the heater. Now I can't figure out where one goes. I know the center cable goes over the heater box and the cable on the right (the short cable) goes just behind the panel and controls if air goes to the defroster vents. Where does the third cable go? The cable that also has the switch to turn the fan speed?

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Were you able to get the antenna off? The 3 cables should be Heat, Mode and Fan. I have the 1963 Chrysler/Imperial service manual, but the full-size cars were much different than the compact Valiant/Dart/Lancers.
If you are going to do some serious work on your Valiant, I strongly recommend a factory service manual with procedures and pictures:

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I have not tried again. Will do so later today. Working hard to get this back together before my father gets here tomorrow night. It was his car. I will get a service manual. Odd I took these off and the dash just insn't THAT BIG.. Should be able to see where it goes. Thanks for replying. I'll have to get into this site a little more. Learned a bunch on this project! Norman
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