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I've put 80/100 bulbs in many cars going on 25 years now. I have always used an aftermarket relay (Whitney used to stock a double relay just for this purpose), 10 gauge wire from battery to relay, 12 gauge wire to each headlight from relay. That's 8 amps per headlight btw, I've used larger than necessary wire to minimize voltage drop. Some aftermarket bulb sockets will not take the heat and melt. EM ones from junkyard have always worked fine. I leave the original wiring in the car unmolested and plug in the leads to switch the relay into one of the original sockets. Makes a significant difference. But for what you're doing it might make more sense to add some really powerful driving lights as suggested above. If you do that be aware that reflector size critical, the bigger the better. Get at least 7" lamps, 10" would be a lot better.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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