The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat known as 007, campaigned by the Epling Garage family race team, continues to raise the bar for the rest of the Hellcat drag racing community. The Epling Challenger was the first Hellcat-powered car in the 8s and 7s, setting and resetting the quarter mile world record many times over the past few years.

Last month, Leon, Jason and Logan Epling headed to Kentuxky Dragway in Clay City, Kentucky, and once again, the team turned in a record-setting elapsed time. This time around, Jason Epling ripped through the gears quickly enough to get the supercharged Challenger down the quarter mile in just 7.66 seconds at 178 miles per hour. Their previous record was a 7.69, but there is an interesting aspect to the new record. It was run in positive density altitude. Unlike most record runs, which are made in extremely low – almost always negative – density altitude, this 7.66 came with a positive DA of 400 feet.

The Epling Hellcat Challenger

In case you have lost track of the modifications made to the world’s quickest Hellcat Challenger over the past few years, here is a quick rundown of what makes this beast roar.

Under the hood is Hellcat Hemi that has been bored and stroked to 426 cubic inches (7.0 liters). That mill is equipped with ThiTek cylinder heads, a 4.9-liter Kenne Bell supercharger, a custom Comp Cams camshaft, a Holley EFI fuel system, a Snow Performance water injection system and a nitrous oxide system. The engine is tuned to run on Q16 racing fuel by Tim Barth, making around 1,500 horsepower, but with Barth’s help, the Jason Epling handles the fine tuning at the track.

All of that Hemi power is sent to the rear wheels by means of a pro-stock-style Libery 5-speed manual transmission that is fitted with a Ram triple-disc clutch. Not only is this the quickest Hellcat car in the world, it is the quickest manual transmission Hellcat Challenger in the world, with Jason Epling banging gears with the front wheels in the air. There is also a Strange rear differential and 28-inch Mickey Thompson drag radials that allow the Eplings to make the most of that power.

In terms of the body, it is all stock sheet metal from front to rear. Some of the window glass has been replaced with lightweight composite and the interior has been lightened up, but this is a factory body and factory chassis – not a lightweight body over a tube chassis. The car still weighs around 4,000 pounds with the driver, making it one of the beefier 7-second cars that we have ever seen.

The New Record

In the video below, Jason Epling is driving the car during a private track rental at Kentucky Dragway. The run begins with an amazing launch that yields a 1.178 60-foot time – from a 4,000 pound Challenger with a manual transmission. The 8 th mile took just 4.936 seconds to reach with a speed of 144.586 miles per hour and on the top end, the timer stopped at 7.663 at 178.646 miles per hour.

Since the 7.69 record back earlier this year, the only changes made to the Epling 007 Challenger relate to tuning and different air conditions at the track. The team continues to tune the engine and chassis, and the results lead to quicker times and new world records.

We expect to see even quicker times from the Epling Garage Challenger Hellcat in the future, but for now, they (still) hold the world record with this 7.66 at 178 miles per hour.