Allpar photographer Marc Rozman spoke with a company source who said that the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat had entered production on Monday, but that the January allocation was already sold — along with that of the Challenger Hellcat. (We had earlier reported that the full allocation was sold.)

While managers have said they are not imposing a limit on production of the cars,  the number of engines that can be produced is limited, and suppliers most likely have only signed up for a specific number of key components. These factors might make production of a Grand Cherokee Trackhawk using the supercharged V8 (to say nothing of another Ram R/T) difficult at best.

Sources have claimed both that these vehicles have been approved, and that they have been turned down — Grand Cherokee, in particular, because the engine noise would conflict with its semi-luxury feel. However, critics have had such acclaim for the Hellcat twins that those decisions may have been reconsidered.