Trademark problems continue to dog Dodge.

The Scat Pack trademark is already under fire from a California company and now three marks, Challenger SRT Hellcat, HEMI Hellcat, and SRT Hellcat have been challenged by Classic Car Studio of Brentwood, Missouri.

Just a day after the marks were published for opposition, Daniel Fort, an attorney for Classic Car Studio, was granted a 90-day extension of the deadline for filing a protest (normally, the USPTO allows 30 days). The expiration of the opposition period would have been October 23, this Thursday.

Fort said his client needed more time to investigate the claim and confer with legal help.

Classic Car Studios is a vehicle restoration and customization shop. One of their current projects is what the company calls a “1969 Hellcat Camaro,” a one-off custom project for a customer in Belarus.

Classic Car Studios has not applied for trademark registration for the Hellcat name and does not seem to be using it for a regular product line, suggesting that their opposition is on shaky ground. The request for an extension of time doesn’t require any statement of the reason for opposition, and Fort’s letter to the UPSTO didn't list any. But it does knock the process back: the new deadline for Classic Car Studios to provide reasons for opposition is now January 15, 2015, a week after the Hellcat trademarks would have been approved.