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Hi everyone, I've never owned or even driven a Chrysler, Jeep, or Dodge (I come from a Ford family), but I've always thought they had the edge in style. I've following the new Dart since it was first announced and while it does appeal to me, I should look into a hatch because I'm musician who has to take gear to shows. So I'm looking for info/news on the upcoming Chrysler 100 and Dodge Hornet, and I figure this is the best place for that!
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Welcome to Allpar. I'd suggest you look at a Dodge Caliber. True that the 2012 is the last year model for it, but I sure did love mine. It got totalled in a head on collision last year, but my son and I walked away with minor injuries. If I had the money, I'd get another one in a heartbeat.
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