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Hello from Apache Junction AZ.....

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Just brought home a family heirloom, 1931 Plymouth PA Coupe. This car was purchased new by my wife’s Great uncle in Ashtabula OH. He drove the car till he joined the service and was killed in WWII. The car was left in the family barn, Jefferson County (NE Ohio) till the mid 1980’s at which time my wife’s father started a ground up restoration. In the early 1990’s my wife’s father passed away and a family friend completed the restoration as far as he was able. Just this summer we drove to the family property and hauled her back to our home. She now proudly has a space in my barn and with some TLC we will be at local car shows soon. I have her running but am finding “small” issues with each minor repair I make. Not far off from total completion. I’m very proud to take this on in memory of my wife’s family who put so much effort into her restoration and the uncle who must be smiling down on us.
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I'm in Tempe, and there are a lot of Mopar fans in the east valley. Unfortunately the local club meets over on the west side of town...
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