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Hello from Arizona

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Hey all, new to the forum here. I need to fix my dodge...anyone have a .. First thing is I have a 1980 w150 with a v-8 engine. I was wondering if i can eliminate the emission timers and the vacuum booster assembly? My engine has been developing a problem where it will not rev up, it just wants to fall on its face when accelerating. Now it has become a big issue and i can not even drive it around the block. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Hey, welcome. What part of Arizona? I'm in south part of Tempe...

As to the truck issue, post it in the Tech Support and Help forum. Which V8 would be helpful.

Regarding deleting the emissions equipment, if your truck gets emissions tested then that'll probably cause further problems down the road. I feel for you- I have a '78 Chrysler Cordoba and even the new stroker motor I built for it will be emissions-capable, but it is a pain.
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